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December 11, 2013

Why purchase framing from this website?
  • A massive selection makes shopping convenient for customers. Each category includes multiple options and accessories, so buyers only have to visit one site for all their needs.
  • The collection of items is large but it is also diverse. There are tons of unique choices. Businesses, organizations, and other establishments can entirely outfit their locations.
  • Wholesale pricing is possibly the premier feature of this E-store. As one of the country's largest display outlets, AllPosterFrames offers low costs that cannot be matched.
  • Another excellent quality of the company is fast shipping. Most items are stocked in one of our three on-site warehouses, which allows for some of the shortest lead times around.
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What style of poster frame do we offer?
  • Economy Plastic, Acrylic, & Aluminum Models: This poster framing holds movie posters, as well as marketing or advertising notices. Plastic and acrylic poster holders are often found in retail settings where they promoted goods. They are also implemented throughout homes to showcase favorite art films or blockbusters. Offices are yet another common location to set up readymade displays because they are also employed to highlight services or resources. These cheap print holders make changing postings simple. Most "slide" together and include a lens cover to protect the notice or insert.
  • Swing Open and Quick Clip Styles: These selections are highly sought after because their user-friendliness. Swing open models do just that, swing open. Additionally, many feature locks to prevent tampering when installed in high volume businesses. Quick clip frames are equipped with spring-loaded edges that make it very easy to rapidly switch postings. As a result, they are some of the most commonly applied fixtures throughout companies and organizations. Both styles are offered in wall mount, floor standing, outdoor, and even ceiling hung configurations. When set up outside, locks are critical.
  • Poster Stands: These ready made standalone models come in both economy and designer styles. Although many of these units are used to show movie posters or art, they are also used on retail floors and at trade shows or conventions. In fact the wide selection lets any presenter or exhibitor stand out at a trade show or conference. Looking for a lobby fixture? Consider adding a picture display to increase customer awareness! Every model makes drawing attention easy! The economy style is budget friendly, while the designer models are ideal for customers that require customized displays.
  • Movie Posters: Typically, frames for movie bill postings are considered to be 27" x 40" OR 27" x 41". Several of these have snap-open layouts. An array of options is available, so everyone from a hobbyist to a multiplex owner can find a readymade sign solution. Many users create custom displays in their homes, while others set them up in museums and other educational facilities. Like all the other choices, the movie displays are designed to draw attention and promote the prints inside. Because they are so successful at what they do, these fixtures can be found in video stores and theaters across the country!
  • Outdoor Models: These offerings are essential for communicating to customers and prospects outside businesses. Notice displays, placard fixtures, and other postings inform passersby of upcoming specials, events, instructions, directions, sales, and more! Some of the most popular styles are the outdoor sidewalk sign holders. When placed on the curbside, these catch attention and bring in new customers.
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  • Easels:
    Easels are popular among art supply stores, art galleries, and art collectors. They are also set up in retail establishments. In fact, businesses located inside malls often use easels to highlight postings in the entrance way. Art stores and art galleries use them to show off pieces of artwork and paintings. Easels boast quick change capabilities and many are adjustable. These picture stands are also great because the adjustable designs fit multiple sizes of art, prints, and/or placard displays.
  • Hanging Systems: Often overlooked, hanging picture displays are perfect for retail stores because they help save wall and floor space. These ready made models hang postings from the ceiling. Readymade styles include banner rail kits, hangers with jack chain kits, and fixtures with nylon hanging line. They are easy to install as a result of the all-inclusive package. For most, the print inserts simply slide in and out of the rails, so users do not have to remove the entire assembly when performing updates. Several sizes are offered to fit a multitude of postings, Readymade Frames for Print Art signs, notices, and more.
  • Lightboxes: Illuminated lightboxes, or light boxes, have panels that light up. Lit displays make otherwise dull print presentations much more attractive. The simple fact that the fixtures illuminate helps placard displays stand out. These holders for pictures come in both wall mounting and floor standing styles. The bulbs used to light them are designed to last. Locations that have little natural or built-in lighting are perfect for readymade lightboxes. For this reason, bars, clubs, and theaters often take advantage of their brilliant illumination!
  • Countertop Mats: These displays are especially great for retail settings when they are placed near check out points. Counter mats are typically laid out near cash registers to promote impulse buys or upcoming sales. Many retail businesses have found them to be effective at communicating sales, specials, and future events.

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